CorpSync can help with your business continuity plan by pushing corporate contacts to all staff mobile devices allowing them easier access from home, the platform also acts as a tool for mass messaging in case of an emergency.

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We’re waiving the setup fee for CorpSync and providing a 1-month pilot of the software, along with 10,000 SMS notifications for free! Test out the software as a proof of concept at no cost to you, please contact us to learn more.



The Problem
Adding or finding contacts via smartphones requires manual entry or retrieving them from an external source, which cuts into the user’s time while dragging down productivity.

Our Solution
CorpSync is our Web-based technology that automatically updates contact and personalized corporate information in Outlook, BlackBerry phones, iPhones or any other mobile device that synchronizes with Microsoft Exchange.​

BlackBerry phones, iPhones and other mobile devices 
are fast becoming the ideal communication tool for busy professionals who like to stay in touch with their office, or anyone else belonging to a firm’s contact list, when away from their desks.

With CorpSync, working with mobile devices can be more efficient. Users will no longer have to manually enter a contact’s information (e.g., telephone, email, position, etc.) into the device or retrieve it from an outside source or third party application, thereby saving time and increasing productivity for all users subscribed to this platform.

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CorpSync Apps

CorpSync now has an app for all major mobile devices (iOS, Androids, Blackberry). CorpSync pushes your corporate contacts to your devices and updates them seamlessly. With introduction of the app, CorpSync provides new features such as:    

  • Ability to see contacts when you are not connected to network
  • Separating personal contacts from corporate contacts
  • By-passing exchange server by using apps
  • Searching contacts based on any information such as department, practice area, office, etc.
  • Sending group emails and SMS (very useful in emergency or disaster recovery situations)

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How it Works

Collection: Contact information from one or more sources (e.g., staff database, Contact management applications, Microsoft Active Directory) maintained by a company are loaded onto the CorpSync platform and then collected in a centralized database.
Processing: The contact data (vCard) is processed through PaayaTech proprietary “push services,” which distributes the information to a subscriber’s smartphone.
Maintenance and Updates: An intuitive, web-based application that enables personnel (e.g., IT) to perform the following:
  • Update (add, modify, delete) contact information
  • Manage access and administration rights
  • Manage subscription lists
  • Create virtual contacts (e.g., “Help Desk”)
  • Manage corporate information (e.g​., memos, guidelines)​


  • Corporate contact data (vCard) and custom notes are seamlessly integrated with BlackBerry or other smartphone devices.
  • Smartphone users no longer have to manually enter or retrieve (i.e., “look up”) corporate contact information.
  • The “pushed” contact data can be routed to specially designated folders and can include photos of individual subscribers for easy reference.
  • In the event of network or email server outages, subscribers can resume communications through text messaging with BlackBerry-supplied PINs (Personal Identifications Number) or retrieve pre-defined notes (e.g. emergency instructions).
  • Contacts, distribution lists, and notes are automatically updated every evening.
  • Subscribers can opt to receive updated contact information from selected departments.
  • Contact data, distribution lists, subscribers, administration rights, and personalized notes can all be managed easily via the web-based application.
  • Contact information can be categorized, making it searchable and filterable in Blackberry and other smartphone devices.
  • Users can send their vCards to outside subscribers (e.g., clients, suppliers) directly from their Blackberry or other Smartphone.
  • Support Exchange 2001, 2003, 2007 and 2010 and BES 4.0 and 5 versions.​

CorpSync has three major components which work together to deliver updated corporate contacts to individual Blackberries:

  • CorpSync LoaderRetrieve updated contact list from one or multiple sources.
  • CorpSync Services: Push contacts to Outlook and mobile devices for each subscriber.
  • CorpSync Web: A Web application built on .NET 4.0 Technology to maintain Subscriber list, Notes or Contact Lists by your IT group.​

Q) How does it work? 

A) CorpSync maintains corporate contacts and memo files in special subfolders in your Outlook. A background process updates these lists every night. 

Q) Where do contacts come from?
A) CorpSync can feed from any source of information to populate the contact list and distribution list. It is also capable of mixing and matching contacts from different sources as long as they share a common ID that identifies a contact in both systems. Examples of such source systems are: 

  • Active Directory
  • InterAction
  • Custom Staff List database
  • Financial System

Q) Do I need a smart device to take advantage of the CorpSync system?

A) No. Even though CorpSync primarily benefits users with mobile devices, other users may take advantage of it by using these corporate contacts in their Outlook for passing on Contact Information to their clients, making phone lists, or for mass internal emailing.

Q) How many distribution lists or notes can we have?

A) Unlimited distribution lists and notes can be setup using the Web interface which can target specific users.

Q) Is the same data synchronized for everyone?

A) Yes and no, It depends on how you want to setup the application. The application can be configured to push distribution lists to employees based on different criteria such as department, job category,… As an example partners may receive the list of all “Partners & Associates” only, while members of IT can get the list of all contacts.

Q) Do I have to see all those contacts on my mobile device?

A) No. There is a way that the contacts can be hidden but still show up when sending emails.

Q) Will this interfere with my other contacts?

A) No. Your device is configured to accept duplicates (in case you have the same exact contact in your phone already). Also, every CorpSync contact is marked with your “corporate name” as well as “last update date” so you can easily identify them when scrolling.

Q) What can I do with these contacts?

A) When composing emails to colleagues on the mobile device you no longer have to use the Lookup feature. While this is enough justification for the CorpSync system there are other uses: 

  • Easily attach your contact information (or that of a colleague) when sending emails.
  • Contact colleagues independent of the firms’ systems using sms and PIN (in Blackberry) (cellphone network needed).
  • Push the phone button and start typing “Help Desk” to find the numbers to call.

Q) What happens when people join/leave the firm?

A) The CorpSync system will add, remove and modify contacts as they change on the Intranet and on the Blackberry Server.

Q) How do I know if the contact is up-to-date?

A) Each CorpSync contact has a time stamp in the note section which display date and time of the last push or update.

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“CorpSync is one of those ‘no brainer’ products once someone uses it there’s no going back. From a maintenance perspective, it’s a dream come true for ITminimal setup and nothing but compliments.”
Mark Bonner, Principal Consultant , HandsOn360
“The folks at PaayaTech are amazingly responsive and willing to work with their customers to customize and create a solution that serves their needs. The product works great and because they are sincerely soliciting feedback from customers, their product is continually improving.”
Sam Toumani, IT Operations Manager , Munger, Tolles & Olson LLP