TORONTO – November 27, 2014 – PaayaTech Inc., a legal software development and consulting company, today announced the latest version of our CorpSync App has now been released and is available on iTunes, Google Play and BlackBerry World for download.

CorpSync pushes your corporate contacts (address book) accessible on all your mobile devices and will keep all contact lists up-to-date automatically. Many firms in Canada & USA use CorpSync as their main solution for the ever challenging of keeping contacts up-to-date and inner office communication.

This valuable tool assists in large firms in their day to day activities as well as their disaster recovery backup plan.

Here are some of the new features:

  • Ability to see contacts when you are not connected to network
  • Separating personal contacts from corporate contacts
  • Searching contacts based on any information such as department, practice area, office, etc.
  • Sending bulk emails and SMS (very useful in emergency or disaster recovery situations)
  • Provides advanced filters.
  • Provides for extra metadata which is not available through regular contacts, thus making the program more customized/personalized to suit your firm’s needs (e.g. Firm Practice Areas, etc.).
  • Allows for easy exporting of contacts to your phone.