Custom .Net Development.

custom net


As the web continues to penetrate almost every area of business, our clients depend on us to deliver reliable, custom-built web-based solutions to support their objectives. By integrating knowledge of your business and objectives into a flexible, intuitively designed web application, we will help you maximize sales, cut operational costs, and work more efficiently.

Members of our team have many years’ experience working in legal and financial corporations, which allows us to deliver solutions based on solid, in-depth knowledge of operational processes and procedures unique to these industries. We use Microsoft technologies to deliver state of the art applications. Some of our services are: 

  • Developing web applications using .Net and SQL technologies
  • Developing custom controls
  • Developing desktop applications
  • Creating add-on components for Microsoft Office products 
  • Building web services
  • Migrating legacy applications to new platforms using .Net Framework