A proven Web-based, multi-module business intake application that expedites the process of intaking client information and opening files for client cases.   

The Problem
Collecting information relating to client and legal matters when accepting a client case often involves multiple, disjointed applications (e.g., word processor) and outdated technology (hand-recorded notes). The result is scattered information across multiple files or programs, which slows down productivity while increasing administration costs.

Our Solution
CorpIntake is our Web-based technology that captures client and matter-related information in one sharable location. This expedites the process of checking for conflicts and opening a matter for a client because it allows users to view, manage, and receive information in real time.

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CorpIntakeScreenEvery time a new client comes on board, or a new matter is opened for an existing client,detailed information need to be collected about the client or the case. This process usually involves collecting information at various stages, preliminary conflict searches, and approval by management committees. The process is difficult to handle manually.
CorpIntake automates the process of collecting client information, allows users to search for conflicts between parties, and runs a built-in workflow for approval. Accessible anywhere with a secure Internet connection, partners, assitants and other users can enter information using predefined drop-down menus and customizable notes, and can receive real-time email notifications regarding status updates and requests.

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Key Features

  • Collects and saves information electronically under multiple, pre-defined forms.
  • Speeds up file opening by automating the process of collecting and saving information.
  • Contains workflow engines for processing requests and notifying stakeholders.
  • Provides an approval/refusal mechanism for the acceptance committee.
  • Includes Conflict Search process module.

Instant Notifications

  • Provides a full customizable email notification system.
  • Notifies administration staff when special/rush requests are submitted.
  • Monitors requests and sends notifications to other users ( assistants, lawyers, administration) as requests move through the different stages of the workflow process.

Tracking and Reporting

  • Provides detailed printable reports to assistants, the Acceptance Committee and the Records Department.
  • Sends daily printable reports to upper management via email.
  • Provides a tracking system for requests.

System Properties

  • Built as a web application using the .Net Framework 4.0 technology.
  • Integrates with the Elite Accounting System.
  • Interacts with Document Management Systems.

 CorpIntake is a Web-based application that is built using the following technologies and tools:

  • Microsoft ASP.NET and latest .NET Technology.
  • State of the art controls from Telerik to build user interfaces.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Database as the back-end database to preserve information.
  • Microsoft SQL Reporting Services to generate reports.
  • Windows Services to monitor database and send E-mail notifications to different users as cases are created or certain criteria met.
Q) Will this system integrate to any accounting system?
A) Yes, it can read client, matter and timekeeper from any accounting systems, specifically systems that have Microsoft SQL database.

Q) Can the system send email notifications?
A) Yes, CorpIntake has a full notification system that sends emails to different user as the case move forward through the workflow.

Q) Can we customize the email notifications?
A) Yes. as the adminsitrator you will be authorize to change/maintain content of emails as well as change “triggers” that generate emails.

Q) Will I need to retype any of the matter client information from previous pages?
A) No, information that is entered in one form is used/displayed in other forms. Our experts will work with you to customize the forms and workflow so that no-duplication of data entry will occur.

Q) How long do I need to wait for the conflicts results before sending to the partner in charge of approval?
A) You do not need to send the conflict results to the partner(s). As you submit the conflict, CorpIntake automatically sends it to the designated approver.

Q) Who is authorized to see the different stages of a case?
A) CorpIntake has multiple security roles, which limits access to different forms. Users can be in one or more roles which give them access rights to edit/view forms or activities such as approval.

Q) Can I attach a retainer letter within the software for a specific case?
A) Yes, you can use “Documents” form to attach any document to the case.

Q) If I am an assistant will I be able to call up this retainer letter at a later date?
A) Yes, information stays with the case which can be accessed at anytime.

Q) As the Records Clerk if I am not finished with a matter, will I lose my information?
A)No. The information is saved in the database and at any stage you can close the application and upon your return, you may continue from where you left off.

Q) Can we create workspace in our DMS based on information in CorpIntake?
A) Yes. The information required for automatic workspace generation can be easily extracted from CorpIntake database.

Q) Some of our clients have spcecial instruction for file opening. How does CorpIntake handle this?
A) CorpIntake has a feature that allow special instruction(s) to be entered for clients (one time entry). With each new file opened for that client, the special instruction(s) will be available for the Records Clerk to review.